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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  June 14, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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>> and it is the unmistakable sound of the world cup. those noisey plastic trumpets. are they about to be banned? flash flooding is taking place. this area already received two to six inches of rainfall. forecasters say an additional one to three inches of rain will happen in some areas. this warning again this morning. firefighters are responding to people being stuck in high water throughout the city and lightning is causing electricity outages. rain is expected throughout the day this day and this comes on the heels of that very sad story we saw on friday out of arkansas where 19 people died.
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right now president obama is on his way to the gulf coast making his fourth visit. president obama due to arrive in gulf port in about a half hour. after meeting with state and local officials and local residents, the president will make two stops in alabama. he will then go florida where the president will spend the night and the first time the president will not make a stop in louisiana. we are live from pensacola, florida. bp is putting underwater sensors. and then you have new concerns on the ground in pensacola.
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>> reporter: officials said they were able to detect some oil slick coming through the pass. that is of concern to them. they did not want to sound the three-alarm fire, if you will. but they said that is of some concern to them. ment one of the concerns are businesses and how they will be affected by the oil coming ashore. we had some tar balls here. they do a lot of fishing here. tell us about your business. >> basically what they did is they informed us that basically, we have gone to catch and release. >> reporter: how does that affect your business? >> the locals here, they are catching fish to eat.
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they are not catching fish as sport. as you can see, there is probably three or four people out there fishing and this is the heart of our business. there should probably be two to three hundred people out there right now. >> reporter: the water appears clear right here. how much has this affected your business? >> it's catastrophic. we're down probably 60 to 70% at this point. the numbers are piling up. as you see, there is no skimmers out there. there is no sign of anything. >> reporter: there are guarantees that some of the chambers of commerce are making for tourists to come down. if there is oil on the beach, there is a system to give them some of the money back.
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a lot of people enjoying the beach as it is for today. we will see what tomorrow brengs. >> thank you to your and our guest. and tuesday night president obama will deliver his first oval office speech. i am joined now by richard wolf for msnbc. thanks for joining us. >> pretty much steady. we're going tell you, i they are scratching their heads over how this administration is handling this. how critical is what the president says tomorrow. >> reporter: the white house wants to put the whole thing in terms of a whole week of events.
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what you are seeing today with the fact finding trip and moments where you can show and demonstrate control ask talk about the response so far and following on from the address, the meeting with bp executives, it's all a bigger plan to demonstrate that this president does have the control and connection which so many of the critics both in the region and nationally in the media have been saying he hasn't demonstrated so far. we have some questions about how to approach this. we want to talk about that and talk about the steps we will take to deal with it. >> in addition to the message and how to deal with it, our first point that the president wants to put bp's feet to the fire in terms of escrow, money to pay back the business owners who are losing so much as we
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wait to have the oil well capped. >> reporter: in the short term there is not a lot they can do about the oil flow. the administration thinks there will not be a permanent fix until the relief welcomes in august. they can do things like blame people. >> they have been blaming bp. i don't think that would be anything new. >> reporter: the second piece is about economic recovery. planning around the bigger picture. not just go after the same people. >> thank you richard for your time. >> reporter: thank you. >> joining me now by phone, state representative from mississippi. thank you so much for joining me. >> thank you for having me. >> what do you think the people
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need to hear from president obama? >> we need a little comfort in knowing just about when they think they will cap this well. we are really waiting on someone to give us a definite answer of when the oil is going stop flowing. >> i don't think that's possible at this point that we can get a definite answer. it's quite clear from all reporting that bp does not have an answer, an exact science even on how much oil is gushing. >> and that's the thing that disturbs us. all the other stuff is kind of, you know, things we want to hear and do and things we are looking forward to. but our big concern is when the oil going stop. >> when i asked you what did you want to hear from the president, you are telling me what you want
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to hear from bp. the administration admits the technology is with bp. what do you want to hear from mr. obama? >> someone keeps trying to call. one of the things we like here is the fact that mr. obama is coming to the coast is really exciting for us. the fact that he is showing compassion to the people on the gulf coast. that we care about. what we enjoy hearing from mr. obama is that he is doing everything possible to try to make sure that things get done in a speedy manner. >> the president is headed foers gulf port, mississippi. we have got much more ahead on the gulf oil disaster. we will have a live report on bp's new effort to measure how
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much oil is really gushing into the gulf of mexico. i want to get you updated on more news p including breaking weather news out of oklahoma city where there is a flash flood warning. we have got new images of what's happening there. the national weather service has issued a flash flood warning. just a few inches of rainfall in the past few hours. an additional one to three inches of rain per hour will happen in some areas near oklahoma city. firefighters are already responding to people who were stuck in high water throughout the city. a lower profile vehicle, the water almost to the roof you can
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see how scary of a situation it is in oklahoma city. there is a police vehicle back behind the water, stopping traffic. to be honest with you, near that tree, might be to the right of your screen that looks like a vehicle that's all the way -- that is i am being told by my producer. that's a vehicle completely under water except for a little sliver of the roof there and what also might be another vehicle off to the left. this is oklahoma city. and we know the significance of the flash flooding because of what we saw last friday out of arkansas where 19 people lost their lives in flash flooding. right now in arkansas, rescuers are searching for one person who was still missing. flood survivors are describing the terrifying moments before their campground was destroyed. i am joined by five people who
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narrowly escaped that disaster. thank you all for joining us. chuck, i will start with you. tell me about what is happening and when you realized you were in trouble. >> we had been having revy rainstorms for a couple of hours. you could feel the floor squishy and it was only like an inch but then it got to be three or four inches and my son looked out the tent and john goes, dad, all our stuff is floating away. shelly jumps up and looks out and she says oh my god we got get out of her. we jumped up and grabbed what we could and threw stuff on top of the air mattresses. we didn't know what was happening. >> let me understand. you were on the campground. you hear the rain.
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around you you have no idea what is happening? >> it was midnight and raining real hard and everybody went into their campers and tents and we were just trying to go to sleep which we were unable to do so we had no idea until the kids stood up and saw our things floating away. >> 19 people lost their lives, many of them children. you have a little guy here. how did you get the kids together? >> it was really a matter of minutes. when we saw the coolers and everything floating away, shelly was getting the boys into the hummer h3. i, again, didn't realize it was the river. i was zipping the tent up. and the few minutes it took me to do that, the water went from ankle deep to up to my knee before i could get in the truck. luckily the hummer has a high air intake so it didn't flood out and we were able to get going and try to drive towards
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the bridge. by then it was about two and a half, three feet high. just a matter of minutes of the actually warning we had from the boys and seeing what was going on was the difference with us getting out of there or being able to drive out or scramble out. >> john, you are like a hero to the family. >> so is garrett. >> how did you find the bravery to tell your parents what was going on? >> i was scared. >> garrett, were you scared, too? >> yeah. >> have you ever seen that much water around you? >> again, the day that this story broke, we were all trying to imagine water rushing that fast and moving all around you to the point where people were stuck in trees and one person cries out for help as their child is being swept away. >> my thought when i stepped out it was to my ankles.
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when i told him we got go, i grabbed him. within a matter of minutes it was at my thighs. i picked him up because he is small. >> i imagine. after hearing the stories and seeing the video. >> we didn't realize how bad it with us. there were people that were camping across the road from us that were trying to get into their trucks as we were driving out and they couldn't. their trucks and vehicles got washed away and i am talking big pick up trucks. >> being a mother, i felt like it was that bad. i felt it was worse. i didn't know if we were going make it. >> i am so happy that you made it with your families and our hearts go out to those who did not. >> that's the worst part knowing that kids died and it could have been ours, you know? >> thank you so much for coming in. we're going continue to follow, of course, what's happening in arkansas. but i want to get you updated on
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the breaking news. we have got with us on the phone mark meyers have the oklahoma county sheriff's office. >> basically we have had anywhere from two to six inches of rain. a lot of flash flooding occurring. an area of northeast oklahoma county our team has been called in to assist. there is a vehicle with at least one person trapped inside. there are so many roads underwater currently. i know speaking with many of the districts in oklahoma county that put out road signs, closed road signs. so they have had to also put out
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high water signs. we're telling folks that if you see a sign on a road, that means the road is closed. >> do not try to go through ther there. >> you will get one to three impbls of rain per hour. this area alone couldn't take th that. >> the vid you that you have up shows one of the local news units under water. tooech news crews are being caught off guard by the amount of water that we have and flooding the roadways here. >> you said the dyedive teams are trying to help anybody. >> we are attempting to get to an area which is northeast oklahoma county. we are trying to get there. i was listening to them on the radio and they were having issues trying to get to this
11:17 am
location because of the high water on our roadways. hopefully they should be there within the next few minutes. >> all right. mark myers from the oklahoma county sheriffs office. they are getting flash flood warnings throughout oklahoma city and the area. they are attempting to rescue at least one individual maybe trapped in a vehicle. will continue to happen in some areas near oklahoma city. we will bring you the very latest news. gecko: yeah... fastest growing for the past 5 years! obviously people love saving money. woman: welcome to the conference. here's your nametag, sir... annnd for you. gecko: uh... no i'll be ok, thanks. woman: but how will people know
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welcome back. president obama has just arrived in mississippi for his two-day visit to the gulf coast. and then on to florida.
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and of course, tomorrow night the president will address the nation from the oval office regarding this disaster in the gulf. how bp is handling it as well as what his administration is doing. we will bring you new developments as we follow the president there. also, joran van der sloot is inmate 326390. that is the number he is holding in his mug shot. he is spending his days locked up in peru. we are getting new details on yet another story he has told authorities about the woman found dead in his hotel room. natalee holloway's father is in aruba meeting with officials there. van der sloot is the only suspect in natalee's disappearance. he has reportedly said he knows where the body of natalee is and is willing to reveal that
11:22 am
information. michelle, i heard your report earlier on the "today show" about this prison that van der sloot is being held in. he is one of the few prisoners with his own cell and this is a tough prison by any standards in the world. >> reporter: the situation of overcrowding is terrible. some people here in peru with knowledge of the system describe this place as pure hell. it is known for its bad conditions. in 1996, there was a case where the inter-american court of human rights punished administrators of the prison because of violent attacks on inmates. it really has a bad name. that said, he has some special treatment in having a cell by himself, one of the few prisoners that have that privilege but that is for his own safety at this point.
11:23 am
reportedly he is not doing very well and he is afraid for his own life. >> his attorney is trying to get that confession thrown out. in the meantime he got natalee's holloway's father in aruba. is that a signal that maybe this information that he is allegedly willing to provide is credible? >> reporter: not necessarily. they are skeptical because of the track record. he would tell a story and then say it was a lie and when he said it was the truth it wouldn't pan out. he tried to extort money from holloway's mother. even after he received money, his stories were completely untrue. it appears that dave holloway wants to talk to authorities and be prepared if anything does come out at this point. authorities are also pretty skeptical of the stories he has
11:24 am
told so far even about what happened in this case in lima. >> michelle live for us in peru. thank you very much, michelle. and we continue to cover breaking news out of oklahoma city. near edmund, oklahoma, they have received 7 inches of rain in the flash flooding that is taking place. an additional one to three in inches of rain per hour will take place. we have gotten in incredible video of high provile vehicles almost up to the roof with water. some completely submerged.
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from more hotels for my withperfect girls' weekend. plus i can compare dates to find out when i can save the most cash. done and done. we should do this more often. where you book matters. expedia. we continue to follow breaking news out of oklahoma city where there is a flash flood warning takes place.
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they are expecting a lot of rain. stephanie abrams is with us now. what can you tell us about the weather conditions in that part of the country? >> a warning means its imminent or occurring. le me sh let me show you some of the numbers. a lot of the system is focused on oklahoma city. we have seen 8.94 inches of rain in oklahoma city. oklahoma city for the entire month we typically see just about 4.5 inches. we have already seen just about nine inches of rain. you see the red on the radar? that indicates the heaviest rainfall right now over downtown oklahoma city and there is more where that came from here. we have seen the rain back building through the day. it's all headed right towards the city. we could see another one to two inches of rain. this is a significant situation
11:29 am
going on. it only takes six inches of swiftly moving water to knock you off your feet. >> we have with us the mayor of oklahoma city. >> we have shown video of our cars underwater. we spoke with another city official showing one water rescue. >> many of them are concerned about travel today. i just looked outside myself. our city has the infrastructure to be able to handle significant amounts of volume. flow is the issue. >> i understand you have roads closed there. stephanie abrams said in a month you receive 4.5 inches but you
11:30 am
have gotten nine inches of rain and more expected. the roads we are looking at here are closed. >> wi have got 16,000 miles of road and we are having a handful of issues. we are urging people not to get outside unless they have to get out and ride around. >> what is your major concern at this point? >> keeping the airport open and the major arteries. i am obviously, we are going have some issues in localized areas.
11:31 am
>> thank you for giving us your assessment of what's happening. and now to the latest on the gulf oil disaster. president obama has just arrived in gulf port, mississippi. he is making his fourth visit, the president is, to visit the gulf coast since the disaster started. he is holding a round table discussion with local residents. this afternoon the president will make two stops in alabama. he will then head to pensacola, florida. then wednesday, the president will meet at the white house face to face with top bp officials including ceo tony hayward. we are now in venice.
11:32 am
what can you tell us about the underwater sensors? >> reporter: that's correct. scientists have asked hem to put these sensors down in the flow. up to this point they have pretty much all been rough estimates based on the video feeds. hopefully we will get more information on that throughout the week as to exactly how much oil is coming out. in terms of what they are able to contain with the containment cap, bp has been able to get 127,000 barrels since they put the cap on. the coast guard has asked hem to step up the efforts so they will start enhancing that cap hopefully to get more out. they are hoping to get as much as 50,000 barrels of oil out a day by the end of june.
11:33 am
>> what has this done to your business. how is that going for you? >> completely shut down. very minimal fishing areas are open. the clients aren't coming. they are cancelling. >> you grew up in this area. how do you feel? >> you are pretty upset. everyone is standing around and not doing anything. the efforts are very minimal. boats sitting on the docks. they are getting paid but not moving. booms that are a daylight and dollar short. it's ruining the marsh. >> reporter: and president obama is here this week. how do you feel about his response to all of this? >> sub par. everyone wants to compare to katrina but to me it has been sub par. >> thanks, chris, i appreciate your time. this is a charter boat captain.
11:34 am
kr chris, back to you. >> we will have much more on the gulf oil disaster. you can go to our web site. what happens when the oil hits the water. and right now in california, a confessed murderer is about to find out whether she will spend the rest of her life behind bars. she pleaded guilty. the little girl went missing from the mobile home park. there was evidence that she was sexual assaulted before she was killed but as part of her plea deal, she was not charged with that part of the crime. so many people followed this story. there was hope that sandra would be found alive and her remains found in that piece of luggage which was a part of finding melissa huckabee and charging her. >> of course this case capturing national attention.
11:35 am
the hearing got underway at 8:30 local time. so just a few minutes ago. i can tell you that we are expecting victim witness statements from sandra's grandmother and aunt. it is unclear if melissa will speak but her mother is expected to get up in open court and issue an apology to the family. now we did see the huckabee family arrive around 8:30 this mornin morning. we didn't see them. we understand that they are ushered through a back door. this has been a very emotional case for everyone involved, especially the family. now this case, there hasn't been a lot of information. information not very forthcoming. i can tell you that the family
11:36 am
is strongly against lifting the gag order because of some of the graphic details involved in this case. that's what's happening here outside this courthouse. back to you. >> thank you very much. we continue to follow breaking news out of oklahoma city. this is more of the flooding. actually i am told this is live video of the flash flooding happening in oklahoma city, oklahoma. we spoke with the mayor of oklahoma city a few minutes ago. he seemed confident that things were under control hoping that the rain would stop. this is another car half way submerged. we have seen others completely submerged. they have received, i believe, nine inches of rain in a normal
11:37 am
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answering them. siemens. answers. we are following breaking news out of oklahoma city, oklahoma. this video in. about nine inches of rain today in a normal month. they were receiving between two and six inches of rainfall. an additional one to three implgs of rain per hour will happen in some other areas. so the warning still in effect in oklahoma city this is video that we are just getting into us. a water rescue. we dmoent if these folks were in their vehicle or if maybe they were walking near the area.
11:41 am
we're not sure of the details. they were on the small little raft being pulled in. we spoke with an official who indicated that the scuba or dive people, they were working to rescue at least one individual believed to be trapped in a car that was submerged as a result of flash flooding. we will bring you the latest development. this is new video coming in of folks who were trapped and rescued. american geologists and pentagon officials have found vast untapped mineral deposits. they include iron, copper, gold, and metals like lithium that are critical for things like batteries. that discovery is far beyond what is expected.
11:42 am
>> the 82 airborne. he has had an upclose look at how troops are dealing with the reality on the ground. we want to warn you. it is war. some of the footage may be disturbing to our viewers. >> just before dark saturday, soldiers from the 82nd airborne division fight off a surprise attack on the american outpost in the valley. the battle is fierce. 20 taliban fighters are just 100 yards away. >> this base has come under heavy attack. one shoeldier has been injured.
11:43 am
>> two more american soldiers are wounded. they will all survive. >> but battles like this one are picking up and taking a toll. on many patrols here, the sergeant is the point man. >> i am thinking about getting where we are going the safest route possible. i don't edwell on this could be my last patrol. >> the dense vegetation here provides ample cover for the taliban to hide ieds. soldiers stay off the main roads, trudging through humid fields. and over walls to keep the taliban guessing where they are
11:44 am
going. the r soldiers say the best defense is unpredictability. watch where you step and never use the same trap twice. back on base, this soldier looks at photographs of the girl he wants to marry after he goes home. when i asked him about a physical low soldier killed last week it's clear how deeply these troops feel about the growing casualties. >> i am kind of numb to it. i don't feel much. i pray for his family and i pray for his soul. i try not to think about it.
11:45 am
so, yeah, you know, everyone deals with it their own way. i try to hide it. i try not to think about it because i stay 100%. i got keep a good example in front of the other soldiers. i'm sorry. >> reporter: but when the base was attacked yesterday, emotions are put aside. he fires away with a machine gun, side by side with his unit still in the fight. nbc news. coming up, new fbi details on death threats received by the late senator ted kennedy. we will tell you how the senator lived under constant threat. these files just released in the last hour.
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welcome back. the fbi just today released new files in the last hour showing how the late senator ted kennedy was under constant threat that he could be assassinated. previous files released detailed threats made in the years immediately following the deaths of john f. kennedy and robert kennedy. investigative reporter joins us in the studio. some of the information certainly new. we obviously knew that senator kennedy lived under the cloud of threats but we are learning how disturbing things were that people were writing and saying. the the letters are vitriolic.
11:50 am
threats like, jack had to die, bobby had to die, ted has to die. there is a claim by a fellow prisoner, that sir han sir han, who was convicted of killing robert kennedy tried to hire another prisoner to kill ted kennedy. that isn't substantiated but these threats were coming in constantly. >> all through the '80s even. >> affected ted kennedy's decision to run for president in '76 and in '80 against the wishes of his children and his wife's concern. it continued well into the the '80s. >> there is some controversy over whether this should be released. >> the fbi gave the kennedy family the exclusive right, not
11:51 am
often granted, to see the files before they were released. the fbi said everything they had was released. nothing was withheld. on on chappaquiddick, nothing was released. >> threateners don't usually kill and and killers don't usually threaten. this was a cloud over the kennedy family. they had stalkers in their home in virginia. they had a series of events well after the assassinations that may have been more important in the lives of ted kennedy and his family than these kinds of threatening letters some of which appear kooky. >> people can go online to see
11:52 am
these. >> yes. we have the files. >> senator ted kennedy's reality. thank you very much. some noisy world cup fans may be silenced because of these horns, okay. you have heard them over the weekend. now you will be saying goodbye to them. details next. s more than happy to make a cup of delicious starbucks via. she got to the office just in time to save best friend forever from the office coffee. best friend forever bravely shared starbucks via with don't talk to me until my second cup before he even had his first. he shared it with i hate mondays who had three cups because it was, after all, monday. premium starbucks via ready brew. now available wherever you buy groceries. ♪ [ both screaming ] i got into one of the most expensive schools in the country! [ male announcer ] when stress gives you heartburn with headache... alka-seltzer gives you relief fast.
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welcome back. world cup soccer is soaring. many americans watched the world cup than 2006. more americans are in on south african tradition that sharply divided coaches, players and fans. the noisy horns called vuvuzelas. a reporter from our british broadcasting partner itn has more from johannesberg, south africa. >> they are the unmistakable sound from the soccer world cup. the vuvuzela horns that resemble a swarm of mosquitos surrounding the stadium.
11:56 am
they are an important part of south africa's soccer tradition. there are calls to ban them, coming from broadcasters, they are blocking out the audio of their local commentary and players and managers from france, from holland and other countries who say they are simply finding it hard to concentrate with the sound swarming around. the local organizing committee today said there is no way the vuvuzelas are going to be banned. they are simply too important. that the visiting countries have to live with them. there is one problem in south africa. they say these are more than an irritant. the vuvuzelas might cause damage to people's hearing. they can pipe up to 130 decibels, that is like working in a large factory without any ear protection. according to organizers here in johannesburg, the vuvuzelas
11:57 am
won't be falling silent any time soon. >> and mike g has a vuvuzela. my first time blowing it, get off the phone, everybody. here we go. nothing is coming out. okay. come here, mike. come, come, come. mike. that does it. yay! that does it for this hour of news. contessa brewer picks it up. can i try again? >> try again.
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